Hair Removal

Dynamic Pulse Light (DPL)

DPL uses a combination of traditional IPL & soft light source to activate a more controlled type of light pulses to deliver quick individual shots with low fluence but with high energy density (better result and less pain). It targets the dark pigments in the hair follicles and damages it, killing it to prevent new hair follicles from growing.


  • Painless & fast
  • Semi-permanent result
  • Long lasting
  • Smooth

Professional Epilation Waxing

Facial Wax

Reduce wrinkles and lighten spots; brighten appearance, treat spots and tone skin; cleanse pores, remove hair and small blackheads; brighten face as a whole and turn back the clock with all-over rejuvenation.

Intimate Wax

Tone or lighten skin; lightening and firming; provides a uniform effect and rejuvenate skin; lightening and firm effect.

Body Wax

Even appearance and treatment of flabbiness; lighten unsightly spots and prevent aging; firm and boost brightness; more even and toned legs.

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Please take note it takes at least six sessions to achieve permanent hair removal

For Best Results:
Wax every 4-6 weeks
Don’t shave between waxes
Exfoliate and moisturize every day

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