Aurora Lifting Treatment

Treat and pamper yourself with luxurious and exclusive facial treatment options with state of art technologies, AURORA Face Lift (super trio) is one of the best option to take care of your cosmetic needs. Using probably the most advanced technologies and high-quality skin care products to get the desirable results.


Super Trio RF Treatment For Firmer, Slimmer, and More Youthful Skin

AURORA Face Lift is powered by proven RF, Vacuum Suction & LED technologies, the multi-body slimming system to treat the facial area and the body. You will experience more powerful body slimming effects with high frequency and the vacuum function. It is nonsurgical and designed for safe and comfortable treatments. Treatment addresses sagging skin by tightening it, removes fine wrinkles, and encourages collagen regeneration. Combine with LED therapy, a light-based treatment, and lymph massage for a complete tightening and firming of the face. All our experienced therapist are very well trained in manual lymph drainage (MLD), this vacuum-based lymph massage detoxifies, aids healing, and delivers nutrients to where they’re needed most. And as we age, any treatment that can boost collagen is most welcome and LED therapy is one of them. It plumps up ageing skin by boosting collagen production.


Radio Frequency, Vacuum and LED Light – three functions within a single high-performance unit.

Radio Frequency (RF) A technology that generates radio waves into the skin and thereby generates heat. The heat stimulates the skin, furthermore, a number of structural and molecular processes in the skin are also stimulated by the radio waves. When heat exceeds 38 degrees, collagen fibers * In the skin are also affected by pulling together. (the tightening effect of RF treatments.) Vacuum Suction gives a massage to the skin which stimulates and increases circulation and affects the lymph function in the skin which will result in a glow of the skin. At the same time the vacuum lifts up the skin and gives a very controlled treatment in depth and power of the RF treatment. LED there wo different lights depending on the treatment area. For body treatments, there are two handpieces that deliver one red light in 630nm which has a positive effect on fat cells and affects its structure. In the handpiece for facials a blue light in 430nm is delivered which has an antibacterial effect, which can be recommended for especially sensitive skin.


The results of the treatments

  • Tightening effect
  • Improved structure of connective tissue
  • Increased lymphatic circulation
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Reduced pain in trigger points as well as sore and swollen muscles
  • Faster results, shorter processing time with no side effect
  • Improvement in skin texture, such as cellulite and scar tissue.
  • The Blue LED light can effectively soothe inflammations of the skin, such as acne.

120 mins