Selected ingredients in GreenTec make-up

Rayshield-Gold Complex  The skin has a lot of excellent protective mechanisms to prevent sun damage. However, over the past few decades, our skin has become exposed to more artificial light and blue light coming from screens. This is a source of stress for the skin and can lead to various types of cell damage, a weakening of skin’s barrier and accelerated skin ageing.When exposed to light, the fresh water algae tetradesmus obliquus creates a kind of protective barrier from a group of carot- enoids. It prevents your DNA from becoming damaged and the hinders the creation of harmful free radicals. The Rayshield Gold Complex imitates this carotinoid protective barrier and therefore helps protect the skin against UV rays and blue light from screens.

  • Used in radiance foundation and definition concealer

Prickly pear extract The active substances that protect the prickly pear in its natural, dry dessert environment and extreme temperatures include water-binding polysachcharides, minerals, vitamins and trace-ele ments that preserve the skin’s vitality in all times of stress. The extract is calming and reduces cellular stress factors that are created due to urban pollution.

  • Used in powder, shadow, blush, foundation, concealer, glossy lip finish

Liplift Complex The Liplift Complex combines plant-based palmitic acid and the lipo amino acid hydroxyproline. Hydroxy- proline is used to stimulate collagen synthesis as well as fibre contraction thus having a firming effect on the skin’s 3D texture. Additionally, the complex protects the elastic fibres against enzymatic depletion. Skin physiology measurements have demon- strated that the use of Liplift Complex significantly reduces the depth of wrinkles. It is used here to prevent and minimise lines around the lips.

  • Used in glossy lip finish

Hyaluronic acid Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the skin, in joint fluid, in cartilage, in the vitreous body of the eye as well as in other bodily tissues. Up until the 1990s, hyaluronic acid was obtained from animal tissue such as cock’s combs. Nowadays, the cosmetic industry uses hyaluronic acid that has been produced from bio-technical bacterial strains. Hya- luronic acid has the fantastic ability to bind a very large amount of water relative to its size – up to six litres of water per gram. For example, the liquid in the vitreous body of the eye consists of 98% water that is bound to just 2% hyaluronic acid. In the skin, it is an important component of the intercellular substance in the dermis. Here it creates a gel-like buffer between the different fibres such as collagen and elastin. Thus, it contributes significantly to the firmness and smoothness of the skin.

  • Used in radiance foundation and definition concealer

Vitamin E  This vitamin is mainly obtained from sunflower oil and is a multi-active organic cosmetic ingre- dient. In vitro testing on human fibroblasts demonstrated that tocopherol (vitamin E) prevents the age-related increase of collagenase MMP-1. This enzyme reduces the collagen in the dermis, which leads to a lack of elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles. Vitamin E also has an anti-oxidative effect against free radicals and also reduces UV-induced skin damage.

Carnauba wax – This smooth, film-creating organic wax is obtained from the carnauba palm (co pernicia cerifera Mart.), a tree that is native to Northern Brazil. It is the most stable of all plant-ba sed waxes with its melting point being between 82 and 86°C. It has a water-repelling effect and creates a light, comfortable, smooth film on the lips. It ensures that glosses retain their form and smoothness even at high temperatures and do not melt. The wax is not absorbed by the body as it is indigestible and is immediately re-excreted. Carnauba wax is fragrance free making it suitable for allergy sufferers.

  • Used in glossy lip finish

Olive squalane – This is a pure, natural squalane is obtained from the unsaponifiable fraction of olive oil. It is a natural component of the skin’s sebum and the lipid film of the epidermis; it features above-average spreading properties and is excellently absorbed by the skin. It reduces moisture loss and improves the way the skin feels. Previously, squalane was obtained from cock’s combs; nowadays, a plant-based source is used.

  • Used in powder, shadow, blush, foundation, concealer, glossy lip finish

Crambe omega oil – This oil is obtained from the crambe abyssinia plant, originally from Ethio pia. It is rich in the fatty acids omega-3, omega-6 (linolic acid) and omega-9 (erucic acid) thus making it ideal for dry skin. Tests on consumers with very dry skin showed a consistent prefe– rence for preparations made with crambe omega oil because it combines intense smoothness and wrinkle reduction with a non-greasy finish.

  • Used in radiance foundation and definition concealer

Mango seed butter – This butter melts at body temperature and features nourishing, matifying properties. It makes the skin smooth and protects against moisture loss.

  • Used in lip definer

Organic baobab oil – For traditional African healers, the baobab tree is the stuff of legends. For centuries, its oil has been used in food, cosmetics and medicine. It is used to treat burns, derma titis, bedsores, skin infections, psoriasis and much more. Thanks to the high level of tocopherols it contains, baobab oil is remarkably stable and has an anti-oxidative effect, it also contains vitamins A and F, which help renew the cell membranes. It is rich in the fatty acids omega-3, 6 and 9 and is therefore particularly nourishing to dry, stressed skin.

  •  Used in glossy lip finish

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Olive Squalane

Prickly Pear Extract

Liplift Complex

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